Tore Østby, born 1972 in Norway, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, is mostly known for being founder, guitarist, songwriter and producer for Norwegian experimental hard rock band Conception and Norwegian-American progressive rock band ARK. He has also composed and performed in several international music projects. Conception released four albums in the nineties and toured internationally. They released the first album themselves, and with their comeback in 2018 they went full circle and self released a mini album followed by a full album in 2020. They have been touring continuously including headlining festivals in USA and Europe.

Alongside writing for Conception he has gone deeper into the world of writing instrumental music, again moving between genres and influences, taking the listener through everything from folk inspired beautiful acoustic melodies to dramatic orchestral works. Tore always experimented with different genres, his fans love the way he often effortlessly adds the presence of Spanish guitars in his music for example. Exploring the possibilities with a blank canvas he channels the music within in a fearless, direct way to wherever it takes him. His music invites the listener to a world of cinematic travel through layers that can be discovered and rediscovered time and again. 



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